Our Studies


Finding out about Christ

Many people have a vague and often wrong view of the life and work of Jesus Christ. “Finding out about Christ” is designed to present the truth about Jesus in a simple but profound way. It challenges the student to respond with repentance and faith. 


Gospel in Romans

Many people have a confused and often entirely wrong view of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is not only the case today, it was also true in the New Testament times. For this reason, the apostle Paul goes out of this way to distinguish truth from error in his lengthy epistle to believers in Rome.


God's attributes

Basic to all other considerations is the Bible’s teaching about God. He is our creator, and to Him we are answerable on the Day of Judgement. A true appreciation of His holiness, justice and love are essential to understanding the reason for Christ’s atoning death.


Starting out as a Christian

This study is ideal for new believers requiring basic teaching about the Christian life. It is a straightforward and practical study that can be used in preparation for a believer’s baptism and church membership.